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Having a team that is “On-Point” ensures you have the latest in updated research, processes and procedures.  At “On-point” we strive and pride ourselves on working with only the industry professionals and leaders that are required to get the job done.

Researchers, finance brokers, solicitors, accountants, property managers (yes, you need all these guys).  Avoid the rookie errors of taking shortcuts with any of these essential services.  Those that have will likely tell the tale of regret and have a negative property investing experience.  Why gamble on your financial future?

Who are On-Point?

After enjoying a career in the military spanning 15 years, serving overseas and helping other people, the same approach has been adopted in running On-Point Property Investment.

Nic prides himself on leveraging from his own property experience to apply the principles of success to his clients while mitigating risk along the way.  The majority of support staff and partners share a similar background which they too, inject into their approach when supporting our clients to build their portfolios.

Your value in working with On-Point?

Mitigating risk is a huge component of our model, whilst harnessing the skill sets that our key partners bring to the table as listed above.  The real value in working with a professional team is the peace of mind you have knowing that you will be looked after at every stage.

Additionally, you will learn everything about the process, the mistakes to look out for and where you can make the most gains whilst avoiding any “opportunity cost”.  Your financial future is not worth taking a punt on, so why would you?

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