Below is the 5 step process through which our clients experience the full spectrum of support required when entering what can be a “daunting process”.  Having ticked all the right boxes,  access to updated, relevant and cutting edge information is your key to success.  Our clients will receive total support from start to finish!!

1. Education

This is provided through both live events and webinars where the key fundamentals are covered to ensure you are armed with the right information before making any decisions such as:

  • Investor mindset,
  • motivation, finance structures,
  • where to buy,
  • what to buy and when,
  • how to build a portfolio (using minimal cash) and maximising your tax return.

Remember we aren’t taught this stuff at school!

2. Discovery Session

Let us book you in for your complimentary “Discovery” session in person, over the phone or Skype.

We’ll discuss you, your goals, needs, wants and concerns………  then “discover” and confirm what options are available to you.  Many of our clients are amazed and surprised at what they can actually do right now.  No need to keep plugging away while the goal gets further away!

You’ll walk away with a clear idea of what you can do…….. what needs to be done…….. and all with the help of the On-Point team at your finger tips!

No set fee! Your On-Point Package will be tailored around you, your needs, your situation and ultimately, YOUR success!!

We guarantee you’ll be blown away with the value you’ll receive!!

3. Property Acquisition

Following a detailed research brief, looking at the all factors, we will be able to identify the best location to purchase your property, and ensure maximum yield and capital growth, and we can then use our resources to source and secure the right property for you.

4. Post-settlement

Rather than love you and leave you, we will then support you all the way through every step of a purchase from contract review, finance approval, settlement, inspections, organising your depreciation schedule and finally identifying the best property management to ensure your asset is looked after and performing optimally for you.

5. Review and re-set

“How long until I can get my next property?”

At this point, we conduct a review of your discovery session to assess when you can “safely” acquire your next property, using equity and minimal cash. Remember, your properties must pay for themselves (otherwise we don’t touch it).  

If they pay for themselves, how many properties can you own?

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