Hot Topic: Maximise Your Tax Return

Tax return and understanding our tax is vital when we get into the property investing world. We want to make sure that we're buying the right property, right location, right time. A part of that is structuring our finance and making sure the numbers add up and that links directly with maximising our tax [...]

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Location: Where To Buy?

Growth or upwards pressure on prices - these are the key things we want to look for when we are looking for that market to buy our property. So along with timing, which is vital, we want to look at what those factors are that are in that market that give us the reason [...]

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Hot Topic: When To Buy?

Before we get into it, the first thing we got is what some of the housing prices have done in some of the capital cities around the country. As I said earlier, every capital city is in a different time on the cycle so it’s important to see which city is the next one [...]

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Hot Topic: Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Understanding debt. Debt is one of those words that makes a lot of people very nervous. They come from that old fashion background where you want to reduce the debt, you want to have no debt, owe nothing to the banks, you’ve got to own your assets debt free - that’s the greatest Australian [...]

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